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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

My waters broke - not good news

This has been a very harrowing week so far, on Monday at 5.30am I was woken with a gushing sensation, I figured it was the bleeding again but on getting to the loo I realised that there was some other fluid mixed with it. It happened again at 6.30am so we called the hospital as I was worried that was I was seeing was amniotic fluid.

Sadly my worst fears were confirmed, I was in fact losing amnio fluid, and it seems that the membrane of the sac that the baby is in has somehow broken or torn and I'm losing fluid.

We saw a consultant that morning and he told us there is a 5% chance the baby will survive as we are not yet past the critical 24 week stage where they can offer help. We were also told that their biggest concern right now is me getting an infection as this could cause all sorts of other problems.

Anyway we made it through the night (in hospital) and the baby seemed OK in the morning, more doctors telling us the same thing, that this is not good and we have to avoid getting an infection.

If we can get the baby to 24 weeks we can be given steriods which will help the baby's lungs develop and we might stand a chance, but it's touch and go.

They sent me home again as there isn't any more I can do other than total bed rest and keep the infections away! I'm on a course of antibiotics for the next 10 days to help with this, but I'm not sure what they will do for me after this point.

So far today all seems ok with the baby, we are just taking each day as it comes and I'm now sat in bed and not moving, I'm not sure what I will do when Chris goes back into work as he works in London and he is a minimum of an hour and a half away fom me (if he misses the right train connection it's 2 hours), so I'm hoping that he will be able to work from home a bit as I really need him here.

This is so hard for us. After everything we have been through to get to 20 weeks and be given these odds is just devastating. However I'm a fighter and so is Chris and it looks like BB will take after us as he/she is still hanging in there after 3 days and we are not going to give up.

I have an appointment with the docs next Tuesday for a blood test as they will check for infections and then again on Wednesday we will go for a scan and see the consultant, so my goal for now is to make it to then and prove them ALL wrong.

I've never been so scared, but we are strong and we will hold on. I have read stories of other ladies that this has happened to and they made it, if they can, so can we.

Keep everything crossed for us. I will keep you updated as often as I can.

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traace said...

Good luck chick! Thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes, I really hope all goes well.

If worst comes to worst, you come across as the type of person who will make the best of the situation, move on and keep the goal in sight.

Here's to a fantastic outcome for you, be it this year, or the next.

Kia kaha xx
(be strong)