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Monday, 9 July 2007

Feeling bloated tonight

It's been a good day today, I'm working over in Guildford for a Client in recruitment at the moment for a couple of days a week, however since about 4pm I've been feeling terribly bloated and I look like I'm already 4 months pregnant!

It's probably the 3-4 litres of liquid that I've drunk today! I'm back on drinking 2 litres of water and a litre of milk as instructed by the clinic, peeing every 20 minutes and wishing the water tasted of something other than water, but I do what I have to do.

Chris gave my injection at 8pm and it hurt! He thought it would be better to try pushing the needle in in a different way so he kind of stabbed it in. OUCH!! It bloody hurt is all I'm going to say! Normally he pushes it in slowly and I hardly feel it.

Chris, honey I love you dearly but if you do that again I'll stab you right back with it!

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