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Monday, 13 August 2007

Back to work

Another Monday with that back to work feeling! I've been in Guildford most of the day at a clients, and Chris is in his usual place of work in London. We had a nice weekend didn't do very much except a little shopping (bought 2 new garden loungers in the B&Q sale) and a little housework. Not much else to report at the moment.

I'm wondering how Pat and Walt are getting on with their holiday. They are currently on a cruise liner in Alaska - well actually I think they did that part and are either in Vancouver or heading down to Seattle right now!

I expect they are having a fab time, and I'm looking forward to reading Pat's blog when she gets round to updating it (hint hint!). Have a wonderful meal in Elliots guys, it's one of my most favourite restaurants anywhere in the world:)

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