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Friday, 24 August 2007

Follow up meeting today

We went to see Mr Riddle this afternoon for the follow up to the last treatment. Due to the vagaries of the process of conception it's impossible to say why it didn't work this time - there's nothing to test so there's no way to say why it just didn't .. take.

So, we're ready to start again, quite possibly in a week's time, and this time they'll up the dosage of Menopur from 225(three vials) to 375 (five vials) a day, which means two injections plus the extra shot of Cetrotide, not to mention an almost double in the cost of the drugs!

This will be the last round of treatment we take in the UK, not because we lack faith in the staff at Woking but because it gets very expensive. We've been looking at a clinic in the US which offers a "deal" of six rounds or your money back and we'll start investigating in earnest if this go doesn't work.

I'm excited to be starting again, but nervous of the extra injection! I'm sure we will do fine though and we have every faith that this WILL work this time!

We conceived Matthew in September of last year, and I was also pregnant the September before (ectopic) so I'm hoping that this is a lucky month for us and it will be third time lucky.

Keep everything crossed for us won't ya!


pat moore said...

hey guys...
step one...just the time we show up for our nice long visit, you will be well into the joys of morning sickness...something else to think about...

Drowned Girl said...

Good luck Elly... I am hoping it works this time