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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Been busy this week

So we are one week on from transfer day - with one week to go until test day. This waiting on the second week is the worst part as it drags even slower than the first week. I was out yesterday as I had to go into Guildford (work thing) so I haven't posted since Monday!!! but at least it makes the day go faster.

There isn't really much news to report, I have had a few period pains which started yesterday though - this is always a bit freaky as you never know if this is a sign that you are about to get your period, or it's to do with getting pregnant, as I clearly remember getting the same pains when I was pregnant with Matthew - this lasted up to about 8 weeks I think, so I'm not worried about it really, it's more annoying than anything as it does set your mind off wondering what is going on in there!!!

I haven't noticed any other symptoms as yet - perhaps a slight increase in the firmness of the boobies, which I never mind as it's like having a free boob job! lol

The pain has also subsided now and I'm pretty much back to feeling normal again - a little bloating still but it's hard to tell now where the bloating ends and the fat bits begin!

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