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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 5 October 2007

Got my blood results back

Well I got my blood results back today (finally) and at 16 days past egg collection (ovulation) they are 330.

It's still hard to tell on this number if it's one or two but I will say that at 17 DPO with Matthew we were at 464 and also a friend who is having twins was 368 on day 17 so we are just under her levels at one day ahead!

I had another sample taken today and hope to get the results back on Monday/Tuesday so lets hope they are rising nicely!

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pat moore said...

nice levels...keep up the good work little ones...
wow...chris said he may be coming to nyc, but we didn't realize he meant like right now !!!would be great to hook up for dinner in the big city...we shall see...
keep youself busy while he is gone doing girl stuff...teach yourself to knit just a