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Monday, 19 November 2007

Hewlett Packard Support

Yes, another thing is broken! This time it's my new monitor. The on/off button is very dodgy and sometimes doesn't work so I need to get it fixed/replaced.

I called Comet where I bought it and they told me to call HP support. So here I am sat on hold filling this in!

It's not been a good call so far, in fact my blood is boiling right now, thus the need to write it in my blog to vent!

At this point my phone call is at 30 minutes and 27 seconds and I'm on hold again.

The person I am dealing with is nothing short of an idiot. It started when he asked for my surname which I told him was Russell, then I spelt it for him, he couldn't get his head around the fact that there are 2 L's at the end - for him, he only heard ELO not ELL - so after the fourth time of saying NO, you have it wrong its R U S S E L L we finally got there.

So onto my first name - Elly - that's spelt E L L Y, he replies E L L O - no its Elly three more times, then onto the email address he comes back with

At this point I lost it as he was beginning to drive me insane, so I asked for his name, he says Jo! I laughed as from his accect he clearly wasn't sitting in a call center in England.

I asked to speak with someone else, he refused, and continued to try and ask me further questions, like what's my address. So I again said can I speak to someone else cos I will be here all day otherwise! He refused.

So I gave him my address - it was painful.

Then I get put on hold for 8 minutes while he sorts out the engineer to come out. He comes back to me, tells me that a courier will pick up my monitor tomorrow and that they will get me a new one for Friday.

Well this isn't acceptable. I do not wish to be without my monitor for 5 days, plus I need it for work, so now I'm on hold waiting for them to come back to me with a reply...

Right - As far as I could tell (cos it was hard to understand him too!) someone will be calling me back later today. Sigh, I feel this one is going to drag out.

That call took 32 minutes to deal with. So much for HP's amazing support...

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