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Friday, 9 November 2007

Why do things always break at the same time?

As I mentioned the tumble dryer is broken. It no longer wants to give me heat when it's spinning so I'm pretty annoyed about that as it's going to cost money to get it fixed. They are coming on Monday though so at least I will have dry clothes next week.

I noticed today that 3 of the radiators in the house are not coming on when the heating is on. So a call out to British Gas to get them fixed, they are now coming next Friday. Thankfully the heating is covered by that plan they offer so no charge there!

On top of that the New Sky+ box is playing up. We've only had it 3 weeks! It was a well needed upgrade from our previous box which has a much smaller hard drive so was forever filling up!

So the new one arrived (which cost us £30 for two guys to come and swap the boxes over!), and the trouble started the week after we got it. The remote control sometimes doesn't respond, then 5 or 10 minutes later it kicks in and goes mental as whoever tried to use it would have pressed several hundred buttons trying to get it to respond!

So I have to call Sky sometime to get them to come out and replace it. I can't do this just yet as the box is now 50% full so we have to get in some serious TV watching time to clear it otherwise we lose all the shows we have recorded :(

I'm wondering what else will break this week.

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