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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Am I pregnant? I'm in 2 week wait hell!

It's the question that runs through my mind every day. The 2 week wait has to be the longest 2 weeks ever. It's not like when you are on holiday and having fun and then 2 weeks go by in what feels like 3 days, but for me - this 2 week wait feels like 2 years!

You analyse things that are noticeable probably only to me, but as I've actually been pregnant five times I sort of have a feel for the early symptoms - especially as with IVF treatment you know exactly what's going on throughout the cycle through the scans and blood tests that they give you - except on the 2 week wait, for that you are on your own and only have pregnancy test kits or pee sticks as we lovingly refer to them to keep you sane (or insane!).

So far here are the things I've noticed over the last 10 days that I think could be a good sign:

1. I'm really spotty on my face (I usually have really good skin! and I'm not eating sweets, chocolate or other sugary foods at the moment!)

2. A couple of times I have had slightly sore boobs late at night (this could be because I'm taking 200mg of progesterone a day)

3. The smell that Tom (our 19 year old cat!) makes when he uses the litter tray makes me wretch uncontrollably. OK so it's bad on a good day (he's old and has a dodgy tummy), but the last time it made me wretch like this I was pregnant with Matthew.

4. The 'O' dream that I had yesterday morning (day 8 post transfer), again I have only ever had this when I'm on a 2 week wait, and seeing as this is natural cycle my body MUST know something is going on in there - either that or it's the progesterone again. Perhaps I need to test this theory one time I'm not pregnant!

5. Coffee tastes a bit funny - now I'm a great lover of the latte coffee and have been known to drink several a day (I only ever drink decaf!) but it has tasted funny a few times over the last few days.

6. Itchy tummy - this is a weird one as I know it's not a regular pregnancy symptom, but I seem to get it when I'm pregnant or on a 2 week wait.

7. No period! What more can I say, I'm a regular 28 day girl and it's now day 31.

So there you have it. But before you go getting all excited for me, I did do an early pregnancy test this morning and it was negative - but it is too early - we are not due to officially test until Tuesday 5th February.

Watch this space..... (and keep sending me sticky thoughts.

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