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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Getting on with things - ReHomeYourStuff!

Well this cycle didn't work, so we are now planning for America, I'll post more info on this over the next week or so as I need to make contact with them again, and also collect some blood results from my GP - then we can look at dates and flights:)

Until then we will refocus back on work things, so it's back to the grind with a project we are working on for a client and also our own little baby

Next week we have an interview with the local newspaper the Surrey and Hampshire Star. They are taking a photo and everything! So I'm hoping that the 200,000 readers will pay attention and come and register on our site and start to list a few items.

If you have anything old and lying around, please take the time before Wednesday to list them! It would really help me as it makes the site look full and interesting to visitors, and of course you will be doing your bit to help the environment.

You can add a photo of your item easily, take a picture on your camera phone or a digital camera and upload it - it really is easy to do. I listed over 50 items today and it only took an hour or so!

Here are some of the things I listed:

A selection of war videos

Cartman Slippers (hardly worn!)

Toshiba Laptop Bag

2 Bar Stool chairs

And loads more, I guess you will just have to go there to see :) Please tell all your friends and download our flyer - print it out and stick it up on your local community boards, or schools!

We've had such bad luck in having babies and no one can help us with that (unless you wish to donate funds!) but YOU CAN help us build up a great business.

Thanks :)

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Drowned Girl said...

I'm sorry this cycle failed... onward and upward, good luck with America