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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

It definately didn't work this time :(

We still have to do a test on the official test day which is today, and I'm sad to say that I didn't see any lines on the test that would have made me a very happy girl, so we are moving on.

I have an appointment with my GP next week to gather all the final blood test results and we can start looking at dates to go to the US. It's all rather scary really although in some ways I know it will be very easy.

You see, we have some very good friends who live in Annapolis, Maryland - which is where we are planning to go for this treatment. These friends have offered to put us up for however long we need during a round of treatment. They are incredibly kind but also dear friends, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts, as they don't ask for anything in return other than our friendship. In today's world that means a lot.

So we have the accommodation sorted out, the flights we hope to get for free as I've been collecting Airmiles forever and have collected enough for a free flight, so that's the first go sorted. Oh if you have any Airmiles you don't need - I'll take them!

So now it's just the treatment. Well I'm not really scared about that as I've done it four times and I know what's coming, so what am I nervous of?

Probably the cost, the fear of knowing this could be it - 6 goes left and can I do it? and a little of the unknown.

We know it's the right thing to do for us now though as we have already spent £18,000 in this country with no money back guarantees and nothing but rising costs to look forward to.

In the US we can pay $21,000 (£10,700) and have 6 shots at getting it right, or our money back. We have to factor in cost of drugs, cost of flights and keeping our sanity in check, but that's OK, I'm sure we will manage.

All in all it should be more like a holiday than a trip abroad to have IVF treatment. We will get to have breakfast at Denny's, lunch at the Mall and dinner at Pat's house - what a fabulous way to do it!

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