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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Back to work

I've had a couple of days here now to settle in, so I suppose I must allow real life to kick in at some point! I have some work that I have planned in to do while I'm here so that is my day sorted out. My laptop here is way slower than I would like it to be but it does work so thats good!

Yesterday we went up to see Pat's family and to drop some bits off and collect some other bits, we had a lovely lunch at Cracker Barrel and a short stop at a local walmart, then it was home to a delicious lamb dinner! I'm so spoiled:)

I will be doing my first injection today - probably around 7pm my time (UK is 5 hours ahead) I'm not nervous as I've done it before, but we are waiting for the UPS man to arrive as he has the drugs!

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