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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Day 4 post ovulation

Things are still going really well! We still have all 12 embryos and they are rapidly developing towards the blastocycst stage.

Today we have:

1 at the 8 cell stage
2 at the cavitating stage
5 at the early compacting stage
4 at the compacting stage

They then go from compacting to blastocyst so we are well on our way with these little ones.

Our transfer is at 1.45pm tomorrow (6.45pm UK time) when I'm hoping they will be perfectly ready to be put back.

We will be freezing the 10 that don't get put back.

Roll on tomorrow


Andrew said...

Got our fingers crossed for you !

Andrew, Karen & the monsters

Anonymous said...

3 hours 'till ET!! :-)
Almost at the home stretch now!
Thinking of you both, have a safe journey home with your precious cargo & see you soon, love Angie x x