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Monday, 26 May 2008

BUPA suck

I've spent the last week working, gardening and trying to avoid nasty back pain! (not helped by the gardening).

We are registered with BUPA for private health care - a nice little perk that Chris gets with his job - so I called them up to find out if they will get me some physio for my back.

It seems that I have to get the doctor to send them a completed form (which costs £27 of which BUPA will only pay £15) - to confirm that I've never had back problems before, once they get this form they will process it and let me know if they will pay for my treatment. All this could take up to two weeks.

In the meantime, I have to suffer with nasty back pain until they sort out their bloody paper work. So much for them being there for you when you need it - yeah they are, if you don't mind waiting while they fill in a few forms!

Oh yeah, then I have to pay £100 excess on the treatment! I'm beginning to wonder if I should take that £100 and just pay for the treatment anyway, I probably only need a couple of sessions!

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Silver said...

Hi. Have recently re-found your blog after starting one of my own. Used to be a lurker! Just wanted to wish you luck with the next IVF and with fighting BUPA - as if the NHS wasn't difficult enough!!