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Sunday, 18 May 2008

I wish I was in Jamaica

I know I get to go back to see Pat and Walt in July, so I'm not complaining but they are currently sunning themselves in Jamaica! No fair! We met them in Jamaica and we had planned on going to Jamaica this year to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary (seeing as we got married there and renewed our vows on our 5th Wedding Anniversary!) but due to the IVF among other things it's not possible for us to afford to go back there this year on top of everything else.

So Pat if you are reading this while you are away (assuming the Internet connection is better this time!) have a Bob Marley for us both and have a great time.

I wish we were there.....

This is a flaming Bob Marley for those that have never had the pleasure - you can just see the layers of red green and yellow. Two of these and you have a very happy evening!

This is part of the resort where they are right now, it's kind of a walk through that has shallow pools to play in very warm water!

This is the beach they are at - I'm going to go and cry now.

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