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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

First Appointment today

I went to the clinic this morning for my baseline scan and bloodtest, which I'm waiting for the results of.

All seemed well and I now have my drug regime and the drugs I need should be ordered today, my nurse Jackie kindly gave me a couple of freebies which will save me about $300 which was great - it seems the majority of their patients get their IVF paid for by their insurance companies, which also pays for the drugs - I have private health care in the UK but because BUPA are crap (I wouldn't pay for this it's a freebie with Chris's work) I don't get any fertility treatment on the policy because I was aware of it before he got his job!

So, I will start by injections on the 1st August. It seems that I will be on a higher dose of bravelle this time as I will be taking 6 bravelle a day and 2 menopur. My next scan will be next Monday.

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