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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I'm here!

The flight was a pretty good one compared to my usual experiences on airplanes, I got a good seat at the front of economy so I had loads of leg room and BA now have a new entertainment system where you get to choose movies, albums, audiobooks and you can pause the movies!!! very nice, well done BA! now all you have to do is to give your food some flavour and we might be getting nearer to a reasonable way to travel!

Getting through customs was fun too, they asked me so many more questions than normal, i was getting worried for a while that they wouldn't let me in! after finding my bags and being questioned one more time by the other customs guy, Pat and Walt were waiting for me on the other side.

It is really really HOT here right now, I think the temp yesterday was 97f, and the humidity was high so its almost unbearable out there - it's like being in a sauna! Pat has air conditioning in their house though so we can breathe indoors!

I'm going to call the clinic later today just to check in, I wont need to go there till next week I think as I'm out a little early due to airmiles flight bookings! so I get a week to chill out before we go again.

I miss you Chris xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elly :-)

Glad to hear you got there safely x
As you already know, you we wish you both all the luck in the world, & hope that this is the ONE for you. Lots of love Angie x x