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Sunday, 3 August 2008

I just met James Blunt!

Oh my God!!! What an amazing gig.......

Pat and myself have just come back from a James Blunt gig, well Sheryl Crow was the headliner but we didn't care much for that!

James played an amazing gig at the Mann Center for performing arts in Philadelphia, we sang through every song, and during one track he ran out into the audience where i first touched him! (god I sound like such a groupie!).

After the gig we went and hung around near the stage exit and after 30 mins he came out and we got to say hello and tell him how fab he is.

We chatted for a minute out in the parking lot too and I got his autograph, both me and Pat were like teenagers again! too cool. He is such a nice guy! Thanks you James for taking the time to say hi.

There were only a couple of other people there, I guess most people were there for Sheryl Crow.

I hope the 2 gay guys we met by the back entrance enjoyed out seats for Sheryl, we gave up our tickets to them as we had better seats and we didn't exactly stay for SC!

Anyway all in all we had a fab time, I'm really looking forward to seeing his show in London in October now.

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