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Saturday, 20 September 2008

How IVF tourists and their multiple babies overload the NHS

I am so angry.

It's not enough that the NHS tell me to bugger off when I ask them for my promised 1 free cycle of IVF, now they are moaning that women who have IVF cost them too much money if they have twins or triples.

This story was on the Daily Mail web Site today - you can read it here:

I'm simply fuming! If they took the time to do the maths, I'm sure they would figure out that it would cost them less money to fund IVF for everyone who needs it (they say approximately £10 million required per year) than it does to support premature babies that are born from twins or triplets from women going abroad.

So why don't they help women in the UK get pregnant with a single baby, under regulated terms (1 embryo per cycle) and save them all the fuss????

The reason women are going abroad is simple - because it is too expensive here!

You can't get it free on the NHS so you have to pay for it yourself or face a life without children.

I know from experience that I would prefer to do the IVF treatment at home, where I can be with my husband and be close to the clinic so that we don't have to take 4 weeks out of our lives to do what most people can do on a drunken night!.

If women had the option to stay in the UK, I'm sure they would - but once they get abroad they find out that the clinics outside the UK will put back more than 2 embryos - and because it's already costing them a fortune with crap odds of success, they are going to say yes to this and give themselves the best chance of an implantation.

Isn't this just common sense?

So if all the idiots who run the NHS would use some of their common sense, they could find a solution to this problem.

I don't expect to ever see that day though.

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