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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Radio interview

I have just got back from Southampton where I did a radio interview this morning with Julian Clegg on the Breakfast show for BBC Radio Solent.

I think overall it went OK, but I was expecting more questions on my trips to America - they seemed to mostly focus on the single embryo transfer ruling which is also something I feel strongly about so it was OK.

It's possible I may go back in the future and do some more! Watch this space...

If you want to hear it - it's on Listen again (today) here:

BBC Radio Solent - Julian Clegg

While I'm here, I want to share with you some interetsting facts I discovered yesterday while doing some research for this interview:

There were 669,531 maternities in the UK in 2006
Of that 8472 were IVF babies

Of that 8472 there were 2004 twins and 32 triplets from IVF
however there were 7988 twins and 106 triplets from natural pregnacies

This goes to show that just 1.27% of pregnancies were IVF, and the NHS are whining about us costing the NHS too much money!!!

I think they need to get their facts straight before they speak up!

I also found out that the NHS spend:

£350 million a year on providing maternity services to foreign born mothers.
£1.4 - £1.7 billion a year on alcohol abuse (2004)
£47.5 million on just over 1 million prescriptions for obesity each year
£1.4 - £1.5 billion a year on smoking illnesses – 2 million prescriptions
£61 million on stop smoking services (10 million higher than year before) (patches on prescription etc).

So there seems to be a lot of money spent on services that help people who could actually help themselves, unlike me - I can't help myself as I have no fallopian tubes, but this isn't enough for the NHS to want to help me... If I was a fat, alcoholic with a smoking problem, or a woman who has never paid taxes in this country because I came over from somewhere else to give birth - it seems I'd get all the help I'd need!!!

Isn't this country great....

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