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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

NHS now paying to help gamblers

There has been so much in the news that has annoyed me lately I don't even know where to start! I could go on about Baby P and the way everyone let him down, and how we will be paying now to protect his mother, or how she has just had another baby when really should should have her tubes tied as she is clearly unfit to raise a child.

However what annoyed me today (other than the government plunging us into more debt by knocking a pathetic 2.5% off the VAT and the Asian police officer who has been paid off £300k and a nice pension all because he cried 'racism') - was the story that the NHS are about to start paying to treat people with gambling addictions.

It's bad enough they waste the following money:

£350 million a year on providing maternity services to foreign born mothers.
£1.4 - £1.7 billion a year on alcohol abuse (2004)
£47.5 million on just over 1 million prescriptions for obesity each year
£1.4 - £1.5 billion a year on smoking illnesses – 2 million prescriptions
£61 million on stop smoking services (10 million higher than year before) (patches on prescription etc).

but now we have to pay to help people with a gambling addiction too.


So why, oh why are are expected to help them??

I asked for help with my IVF treatment, I only wanted them to pay for my 1 promised cycle, but I'm told I'm not worthy of their help - so I have no choice but to help myself and so far it has cost me and my husband £33,000.

Where is the fairness in this society?

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