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Thursday, 11 December 2008

IVF in January!

I haven't quite booked my flights yet, as I'm hanging on in the hope that all these Sales will also hit the Airlines companies so I can reduce my costs this time, but the dates are set and we are now on the countdown to the next chance to have a baby.

It will begin on January 14th, when I will be going to Woking Nuffield to have a baseline scan and 2 blood tests. Sadly this will cost me £120 for the scan and £25 per blood test but it will mean that I don't have to go out to America until the 23rd January.

As much as I love staying with my friends, I hate being away from my husband, and this time he won't be joining me at all, so to save this time I'm having the baseline scan done here.

What surprised me was the clinic that I spent £18,000 with were reluctant to offer this service to me, I persisted and won them over, but they said it was because they have had problems in the past faxing the results of the tests to clinics in America.

This is 2008 right? we have computers, scanners, email, faxes and the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere - so why they should find this to be a problem is anyone's guess, so I took the strain away from them by saying that all they have to do is give the results to me, and I will get them scanned into a PDF file and will email it to my new clinic in America - who were quite happy for me to do this.

On the 23rd I should be flying out and my first appointment will be with my clinic in Maryland on the 24th.

By this point in time, I should have already had 4 of those nasty big needles pushed into my butt cheek, and be halfway to being ready for the embryos to be put back.

It is planned that by the 2nd February I will be ready for the transfer, when they will thaw the two little frosties that we have waiting and if all goes well with that (there is an 80% chance they will both thaw OK) then I'll have them both put back that day.

I'll be hanging around a little longer this time to make sure they get nicely snuggled in, so I hope to be landing back in the UK on the 14th February - just in time to be pampered and spoiled by my wonderful husband Chris!

Let's hope it works this time...

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