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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tom and his tumour

I've had fun and games this morning with the cats - Tom went to the vet last week after we discovered a lump in his mouth, the vets think it is a tumour and he might have to be operated on, so he has had blood tests to determine if his kidneys will stand the anaesthetic.

We had the results back from the vet on his bloods and it seems his kidneys are not very good, but not so bad that it would be a problem, so as a back up we had to take in a urine test.

What a palava that was! I had to shut the other 2 in a room which immediately made squeaker (the 16 year old female) suspicious, Rasher (fat cat) on the other hand was happy to get access to the fire and his big chair and have a lovely sleep.

I then proceeded to give Tom milk - something he is never allowed but loves - in order to get him to do a big wee in the new tray that I had put down with the special stuff the vet gave us that would help collect a sample.

It took over 2 hours of feeding him milk, trying to keep squeaker from tearing the house down (not keen on being shut in somewhere) and encouraging to use the litter tray before I was finally able to get a sample for the vet.

They have it now, so let's hope he is OK.

I think I'll go wash my hands again.....

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Laurence Whiers said...

God doesnt Mr Crusty look like his dad
love dad xxx