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Monday, 16 February 2009

I'm back home and all is well.

I got home safely on Saturday, had a wonderful day with my hubby who bought me a lovely pair of earrings, and pampered me all day. We went out for a meal and I had a wonderful massage, I'm not saying any more!!!

My dad dropped in on Sunday, he's been travelling around Italy and parts of Europe since 25th November, and has had quite the adventure, he was on his way home and passing through, so I made sure he had a cup of tea to see him the rest of his way!!

And as for today, well I'm sat back in my office, listening to the dull tones of a hammer drill being ground into my ex bathroom wall!

I am having a new bathroom fitted. It is going to be miserable all week, but I hope it will be a million times better when the new one is ready to use. I can't wait.

I've been promising myself a new bathroom for years. We held it off for the last five years because IVF took over our lives and every single penny we earn goes towards that.

Well sadly this round of treatment didn't work for me, but that won't stop me from doing it again. Nor will it stop me from having my bathroom!! I've waited a long time and if you had the pleasure of having to use my old bath or shower then you will know why I'm so excited to be finally getting rid of it.

The noise so far is bearable, but the drilling is beginning to annoy - I expect the neighbours aren't best happy either! oops.

So far today they have pretty much ripped everything out, we also have an electrician in to wire up the new mirror and lights, tomorrow the plasterer comes!

I'll do some before, during and after pics....

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Anonymous said...

Irrepressible, that's what you are!
Thinking of you and wishing it was congratulations I was sending,