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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A lovely quiet weekend!

No hammering, no drilling, no smashing, no banging! it's been heaven!

We have had to paint the bathroom ceiling and walls though so that it's done before they put the rest of the tiles on tomorrow.

It's starting to look like a bathroom again, just a couple more days and I will be able to relax in a bath that is 3 inches deeper than the one we had before, and shower under a star shaped waterfall, ahhhh bliss....

Back to work for me tomorrow though, I have a few things to do for a new client and I also have to catch up on an existing project and get some invoices out! Being away for three weeks means I haven't done that job yet either. I think I still have some clothes to unpack even, although I got a lot of washing done this weekend!

I also have to find time next week to go and get my hair done, find something to wear to a party, and start my garden for this year by getting some seedlings under-way.

It's nice to get back to normal and breathe.

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Rich said...

No hammering, no drilling and no banging, I'd be having a word with Crussell if I was you ;-)