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Monday, 10 August 2009

12 week scan pictures

Today was our 12 week scan! We were excited to go down to the hospital this morning and get this done.

All is well with the twins, we got to have a really good look at them both as the sonographer did all the measurements and checked them out.

Both babies have normal brains/skulls, normal abdomen, stomach was visible and both hands and feet were visible too! (and they were kicking and waving!)

Twin 1 is lower down than twin 2 - and measures in at 58.7mm today (2.31 inches)
Twin 2 is on top and measures 52.8mm (2.07 inches).

The nuchal scan results were also very good showing that they are low risk for downs syndrome.

For a woman of my age the risk is 1 in 255 - but we had 1 in 1277 for both babies! which means they are OK!

The sonographer also told us that my uterus is measuring about the size of a 20 week singleton and the top of my fundus (top of the uterus) is just under my belly button - it's no wonder I'm already looking rather large and sticking out at the front.

We didn't get any video as they don't allow that, but she gave us a few pictures which you can see below:

Twin 1:

Twin 2:


Rich said...

Really pleased to read everything is OK and they are all fine.

Anonymous said...


Last time I spoke to you, you were about to leave Shady Grove on the flight back to England.

Can't tell you how delighted I am that TWO RUSSELLS are happily making their certain way towards their new lives with Mum and Dad- Elly and Chris.

I can't always check in to see how things are going, Elly.

But I think of you often. All love from me and my family over here in Canada. Maybe we will all meet one day.