Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 8 January 2010

Dating scans and gestation

What is in a couple of days? Most of you would think not a lot and you'd probably be right, but at crucial points a couple of days can make a huge difference in a pregnancy.

My thinking around this is around the 24 week mark - for me and my friend who both lost babies around this time those extra two days that the hospital believe you have ahead of time; can mean the difference between them helping you out if your pregnancy has problems, or not.

As we had IVF we actually know the exact date we conceived as it was all done rather clinically in a lab. But the scans show different and the hospital have been dating me two days ahead for a few weeks now.

During my last pregnancy I actually argued with the midwives and said "no we know the exact date and it's X" when they tried to do this - but this time we have just let them think we are ahead as the girls must be growing well and slightly ahead of schedule.

So that being the case - instead of being 33 weeks and four days today, we are now officially 33 weeks and six days!

It says so on my notes, so it must be true ;)

Either way the countdown ticker - that says 33 days to go today is correct - it is 33 days to the 10th February which is the planned c-section date - OMG suddenly it seems really close!

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