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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hospital visit today

Today was our last scan day before the babies are here, we have one more appointment next Thursday to meet the anaesthetist and a final midwife check up for bloods and pre-op things, and then we are good to go?

Why so soon... Because the c-section has been brought forward by 8 days to the 2nd February!!! so the girls will be here in just 12 days :)

They are both weighing in at 5lb and 8 ounces - according to their measurements today they are measuring almost exactly the same in terms of head circumference, femur length and abdominal circumference, which is how they guess their weights.

It's quite likely that they won't be exactly what is predicted as it's well known that they can vary by as much as a pound, but we will have to wait and see - not long now!

We are now officially excited...

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Anonymous said...

all the best from dr schleuss, the twin-expert