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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 6 May 2010

New things every day

Emily and Faith are now just over 13 weeks old and things are starting to get interesting!

I've been watching their development with interest as they are only 2 minutes apart in age, and it's interesting to see that they are both very close in the things they are doing.

They now love being on their playmat, Emily likes blue monkey and Faith likes to look at the pineapple toy, both like the caterpillar and also Geoffrey Giraffe.

Emily plays with her hands a lot now, she concentrates hard on her fingers and sucks away on her dummy (pacifier) with real intent! Faith likes to stare around the room and just look at things.

We also discovered baby TV this week which is also a hit, all the bright colours and shapes are very interesting to them, especially Emily who loves Draco Dragon, he makes her smile.

The thrush is starting to clear up now and I hope it will all be gone by the weekend. It doesn't seem to be causing them any problems any more, but they are still both a bit snotty !

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