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Sunday, 9 January 2011

A great week for development

At 11 months old, both Emily and Faith are so much fun. They are interacting with everything around them, and are completely mobile, with as much standing up as they can get in during the day!

I saw both Emily and Faith take steps last week while they were playing in the hall with the big sit in car, they stand up behind it and use it as a walker - Faith took several steps on one occasion before she ran out of hallway.

They are also learning how to make new sounds, and what fruit is. They can both say 'Apple' and Faith will say it when you show her an apple too! Emily tries to say raspberry, but it sounds more like 'ba ba brry'.

Another milestone last week was cows milk! They were on 3 bottles of formula a day, with porridge/toast for breakfast, sandwiches/cheese/fruit etc for lunch and a jar plus snacks/fruit for dinner.

This means I can drop one of the formula feeds and replace it with cows milk - much cheaper! I will keep them on 2 bottles of formula for a little while longer while they learn how to eat new things, and drop it down to one.

So an exciting week. They giggle and laugh a lot these days, which just fills me with joy. It's the best sound in the world and I get to hear it every day.

I'm a lucky lucky girl.

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Sticks_and_bugs said...

I love reading about your girls. My two boys were born a month after your two, and it's fascinating how close they are in milestones. The month difference is fairly consistent, so I really know what to expect when I read what your girls are doing. One of my boys just started really moving to music, and I think it was about a month ago that you posted the video of your little highchair dancer!

Take care, all the best