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Tuesday, 16 January 2007

At the hospital yesterday for a scan and checkup

We went up to the hospital yesterday to get the blood test results (which were ok) and to have a scan to check the baby and the fluid levels.

The scan went ok and ended up being out 20 week anomoly scan too, so we had a full check up on everything.

So far the baby's growth is good, everything is where it should be, the heart and brain looked good and BB was moving around as expected.

As for the fluid levels they measured 4cm of fluid which is at the lower end of normal according to the sonographer and the consultant - this means that there is fluid in there and it's ok at the moment. We even saw BB swallowing - which is an excellent sign.

We had another long chat with the consultant and she basically told us that we are not out of danger just because the fluid has stopped leaking. We are still very much at risk from spontaneous labour and infection as once the membrane has ruptured it will remain weakened.

Going forward, we will be having blood tests taken twice a week to monitor for infection and another scan next Wednesday to recheck the fluid levels.

I do feel a little happier knowing that BB has fluid in there to breathe - but we are still very worried about the risks we face over the coming weeks.

Please stay positive for us and keep sending BB lots of healing and energy.

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Fulvio said...

Hey Chris/Elly, your Italian ex-amazon pizza delivery friend Fulvio here :)
I have permanently moved back to Italy last year and some time ago I wanted to check if I could find news about my old friends in the UK, and somehow I found your blogs :)
After reading what is going on I will only say I am 100% confident everything will be ok with this pregnancy.
First of all, doctors in england dont know shit about what they're doing (it gets ridiculous when you have to suggest them what to do, it happened to me), and second after doing a bit of research myself 5% is just wrong. Where did they get this number from? their arse?
I have read on various websites that chances of survival are much higher than that.
Anyway, I know you and I know you are a very strong couple and you will get trough this just fine.
And when this is over and the baby is big enough to catch a plane, if you ever want to visit Rome, don't forget you got an open invitation :)