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Thursday, 4 January 2007

Bleeding back again

It had tailed off a little over the last couple of days and I was beginning to get hopeful that it was about to stop! However at 4am last night I had another clot (1 inch) and the red bleeding was back with a vengeance :(

I called the midwife out this morning to see if she could do me a blood test to check my iron levels, and she came out as asked at around 11am.

She tested my urine for proteins, this came back ok, she checked my blood pressure which was also ok and she took a blood sample for analysis.

I'm not going to rush up to the hospital again as it's not heavy enough to worry me, and I know there isn't anything they can or will do for me other than check the things the midwife did this morning, so I'm better off resting at home.

I am still taking my pregnacare tablets daily so I am assuming that the iron that is contained in here is helping keep me healthy, plus I'm also taking omega vits for a brainy baby and vitamin c to keep my immune system strong!

This baby is costing us a fortune already and it's not even here yet!

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