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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 12 January 2007

We made it to 20 weeks!

This is a HUGE milestone, and although we are not out of danger yet I'm so pleased we got this far, every day that passes is good for us and BB, so roll on 21 weeks now!

We had another good night. We have been doing the positive visualisatoin thing and I haven't had any fluid loss since Tuesday night - so I'm hoping we have sealed the hole! who knows, but no fluid loss is a good thing so I'm going to keep doing it. Also my temperature is good and BB's heartbeat is nice and strong. This is a very tough time but we are getting there, and this strict bedrest thing is doing something good.

We have to go to the hospital on Sunday for a blood test and again on Monday for a scan and to see the consultant, so I'm hoping the scan will show that the fluid levels are back up and BB is ok.

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