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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Hospital Visit for results

We had a hospital appointment at Frimey Park yesterday to play catch-up after Matthew's death. We met up with the consultant (Dr KirkPatrick) who told us the swabs that were taken from the placenta showed some form of low grade infection but nothing significant.

She told us that as a result of the PROM, the chances of it happening again are significantly increased (1 in 10 ) and if it happens in the future there's nothing we can do it about it.

It seems the root cause of what happened was the low-lying placenta.
Apparently, it overlapped the cervix and as it couldn't stick to the womb over the entrance it started to bleed and didn't stop. The bleeding caused a hormonal reaction which in turn attacked the fetal sack and caused the rupture.

I suppose the visit marks the end of Matthew's story. Everything is done now, appointments, funerals and the like are all over and done with but I don't think we'll ever truly get over what happened. Every day he comes up in conversation or in our thoughts and even as we plan to start treatment again we find ourselves talking about Matthew's brother or Matthew's sister.

It's impossible to try and describe just how it feels and there aren't enough words to try and start to tell people what we're feeling and what we've been through.

In some ways it's almost ... nice ... to be able to look forward but at the same time, our heart's are still very broken.

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