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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Both eggs fertilised !!!

This is Chris posting for Elly today, she's in extreme pain so please don't call!! (I'll get around to why in a moment).

So, we got the call from Woking this morning to say that both eggs had fertilised overnight, which is a huge relief given that we only got two in the first place.

Around the time I was talking to Woking, Elly got out of bed, a move which proved to be problematic when it turned out she couldn't turn her head to the left without being left with screaming pains from the base of her skull down into her shoulder. Over a 40 minute period the pain got steadily worse to the point where I had to call the GP and NHS Direct for advice.

To cut a long story short, we spoke to a friend who's an Osteopath (thanks Adam) who recommend we get her in to see a local Osteo for a work out. Apparently this can sometimes happen under general anaesthetic if the patient is moved while on the operating table
and nerves can be trapped or muscles damaged. We'll wait and see what the Osteo says before jumping to any conclusions, however she says this is the most pain she has ever felt in her life.

Anyways, neck injuries aside, the early results are looking good, but... and there's always a but... fertilisation is just the first step in the current procedure and just because the eggs have fertilised doesn't mean they'll develop to the level needed for implantation tomorrow.

The cells within the eggs must divide equally and cleanly, if cell division is unbalanced or if the embryo doesn't come on in a uniform way, the doctors can prevent them from being transferred so we're still holding our breath and willing the candidates to behave themselves as they develop in the lab.

By this time tomorrow Elly will hopefully be PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven otherwise) and we start the next agonising step in the process - the dreaded Two Week Wait until Elly can take a test to determine if she's properly, fully pregnant. So, here's hoping for tomorrow ...

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