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Friday, 20 July 2007

2 Embryo's on board

We did it! We now have 2 lovely 4 cell embryos back in the mothership!

When we got there we were told that we had 1 x 3 cell and 1 x 4 cell but as we were getting ready the 3 cell had become a 4 cell! which is great news as it means they are good quality embryos. See the picture below!

Now we have to wait 2 weeks for the results. Fingers crossed.

Oh on another note while we were there it was pouring with rain so we took an umbrella - which we left in the reception area along with several others - when we came out we realised that some bastard had stolen ours! it was gone. I hope their car broke down in all the water and they had to wait for ages for the RAC people to get them home. That would be just payback!!

Look how much rain was in the car park at Woking:

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Theresa said...

Good luck Ellie to you and Chris....hope it all works out well for deserve it.

Love Theresa (Dave's partner)

PS: Ellie - good to meet you the other week x