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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 13 July 2007

Come on follies - GROW dammit!

Had another scan this morning, it went OK but we are not doing as well we we would have liked.

So far we now have:

Left side: 4 follicles: 15, 13, 11 and 8mm (a possible 6mm)
Right side: 3 follicles: 15, 8 and 8mm

and the Lining is 8.4mm

They have increased my doseage of Menopur to 4 vials a day from 3, so I'm hoping that this will add a bit of a boost.

We are back in on Monday morning for another scan, and they will make the decision as to when I will have egg collection as they might push it back to next Friday if the follicles aren't ready.

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