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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Drugs are expensive!

We had to go to Woking on Saturday morning to buy 4 more vials of Menopur! On Friday night, Chris was mixing the drugs and on the 4th vial the syringe slipped and separated from the needle and spilled everywhere, thus losing £60 worth of drugs.

So, drugs are expensive... We went to get some more on Saturday morning, so we have enough to get through the weekend.

My tummy is very bloated at the moment too, I look like I'm 4 months pregnant already! (I wish!) so that is somewhat depressing, but other than that I don't seem to be suffering any major side effects as yet.

Feeling very tired today though, almost exhausted in fact. We had a good night's sleep and although we are still waking up at 7am to do the 7.15am injection we both went back to sleep today and had a nice lie in. I can only assume that my tiredness is down to the drugs.

Not long to go now. Another scan tomorrow and we will know what day we will be in for egg collection. It is currently scheduled for Wednesday but this will depend on how well I've responded to the extra vial of Menopur over the last couple of days.

I'll update you with more tomorrow...

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