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Saturday, 8 September 2007

OOOOO it makes me so mad....

A letter was sent to the Metro newspaper the other day, it makes me furious to read things like this as he is clearly ignorant to the problem that infertile couples face: this is what it read

I write about your article "infertile couples 'failed by the NHS' (Metro Thu). Why is fertility treatment even on the NHS? the article says that the NHS 'postcode lottery' has had a bigger impact on lower-income couples. The cost of a private IVF cycle is a mere fraction of the amount a couple whould have to pay for the next 18 years of bringing up a child. In a perfect world, childrent are brought up in a financially stable environment. although I'm well aware that this isn't always possible, even with the best of intentions, giving low-income couples free treatment is hardly conducive to giving any future children the best start in life. People seem to think they have a God-Given right. Well, it clearly is not. How many other treatments have a success rate of 25 per cent? Think about fostering or adoption- do some good

Philip Hatch, Kent"

I was SO mad, that I have responded to the Metro and to Mr Hatch with this:

Dear Mr Hatch

I don't know if you are married, or if you have children, at this point judging by your comments I can only assume that you do not. I'd like to know how would you feel if your wife had lost both of her fallopian tubes after having ectopic pregnancies and could no longer conceive, or how would you feel if you had testicular cancer and lost your ability to become a father? would you still have the same opinion?

It's not always about low income families - I'm not on a low income and I pay my taxes into the system so that everybody else's children can have an education, and so you can have cancer treatment on the NHS. So far I have spent £16,000 of my own money so far and lost 4 babies. All I'm asking for is the opportunity to be treated fairly by the NHS and have the treatment that our government promised me.

It is very naive of you to post such comments, when you clearly have never been affected by infertility. I will one day consider adopting a child, but the love between myself and my husband is so strong that I want a child with him. so I will strive on to pursue my dream of one day becoming a mother to my own flesh and blood.

I know I am not alone when I say that people who make comments like yours, should try to think about the impact of your words, and how it makes someone like me feel. I cannot conceive naturally, this was taken away from me when I lost my babies, so why shouldn't the NHS help me it is a medical problem that I face. If I was an alcoholic, a smoker or a drug addict I would get treatment and help - so what gives you the right to judge if I can have IVF treatment?

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