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Monday, 24 September 2007

Today's topic - the money

Today I want to explore the cost of this cycle as I've not yet looked at the total.

We get these bills in the post, they arrive almost daily, charging us for this drug and that drug, and this package and that treatment and I duly pay them on time and file the invoices. It scares me to think about what we have spent in total on this IVF journey (I'll get to that!) so today I'm going to face the fear:

IVF number 4 - the cost.....

£680 The initial drug package (45 vials of menopur)
£600 10 shots of Cetrotide
£165 10 extra shots of Menopur
£2900 The cost of the treatment
£104.50 HFEA Fee (yeah they charge you this EVERY time you do a cycle)
£400 The cost of freezing the 3 embryos left over

Total for this go: £4849.50

oh, and I've also spent about £70 on vitamins, plus I will have to pay £2 per day for the cyclogest (progesterone) when I get a positive, this goes on until I'm 12 weeks pregnant!

This time last year it was £3839, so an increase of £1010.50!!! In total - OMG date I even say it, we have spent well over £16,000 on this.

I hope that this is the last time we ever have to go through this.

Oh, some good news - the pain has subsided a little today, I hope it's on it's way out now!

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