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Friday, 21 September 2007

When will the pain stop?

Now that all the interesting stuff has happened I can tell you about all the other stuff that goes on during and after an IVF cycle.

Today I'm going to tell you about the pain. Lots of it, although not all of it so bad it makes you feel sick, but some of it is!

What type of pain?

1. The needles - lots of them, for me it was 3 per day going into my tummy. Ouch.
2. The Menopur - This is the stimming drug - and it stings like a bitch when it goes in.
3. The bloating before egg collection - this isn't painful as such but it is extremely uncomfortable. Imagine having 2 small footballs in your abdomen, pressing on your bladder. Swollen ovaries are also sore.
4. The egg collection - when you come around from the anaesthetic you hurt. Like being kicked in those footballs repeatedly.
5 The swollen ovaries - they don't go down right away - just because the docs have sucked out all the fluid from the large follicles that surround the ovaries - doesn't mean they stop hurting.

In fact my ovaries have been giving me a hard time all week. Much more this time than ever before. I feel bloated and sore, and every time I need to pee it hurts where the pressure builds up.

And finally (for those that are squeamish, stop reading here cos I'm just going to spell it out for you!) - For the last few days when I go for a poo, the pain has been so bad I damn near passed out once (this is when I was nearly sick!) It's so bad I cant even describe it. I'd like to add that once I'm done on the loo the pain does subside, and that I'm aware that this pain is caused by the movement passing the ovaries!

So there - now you know all about the pain :)

Just wanted to share that with you.

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