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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rehomeyourstuff is live!

I've been writing about our new project a little over the last few weeks, but have kept quiet about the project as we wanted to see it go live first. Well it's LIVE!!

It's not a new idea as we have found others doing something similar, but we think we can and we will do it better!

The idea is simple: You register on our site, then you can list old things that you no longer want and want to just get rid of by giving to someone else. You can list anything from old kitchen things, to sofas, children's toys, clothes, books, car parts, DVD's, mobile phones, stamps etc I think you get the idea! If it's something that you would probably take to the tip - then don't! List it on our site instead!

People can then come along and search on a local or national level and find items that they want or need. For example you might find that someone is rehoming an old toaster because they just bought a new one, and your toaster just broke so you can arrange to rehome it for free!

The site has only just gone live - and it's possible that there are a few little bugs in it, so if you find any, please fill in the contact us form and let me know!!!

So check out

I hope you will register, and list a few items as we need to get as much up there as possible to get the site going! I'm going to keep reminding you!

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pat moore said...

I'm excited for you both...good way to start the new year...hope the bugs are few and the sign ups are many...