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Thursday, 24 January 2008

This is the 300th post!

Yep - I never thought I'd still be going with this blog after all this time, but here we are 300 posts later which means this blog has been going for more than 2 years now! (and we are still trying!!!). I think now that I will be keeping it going long after we are done with IVF and hopefully into parenthood, where I will write about the delights of smelly nappies and sleepless nights (bring it on!).

In baby news my tummy feels odd today, I woke up this morning feeling bloated and it feels a little solid inside.

I'm hoping this is a good thing and that Pinky and Perky are snuggling their way in and getting comfy for the duration, it's so hard to tell and it seems early to me as they were little 3 cells only on Tuesday, but today is day 5 of their life as they were frozen 3 days after egg collection (in September) and they are 2 days old now they are thawed.

This means they should be getting near to Blastocycst stage - which is where they crack out of the little shell and dig in - I'm not sure that will happen on day 5 if the cells were only at 3 (typically blasts are many many cells!) so we will have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

I'd like to say Thank you to all the lovely emails and comments I've had from people who read this blog, It's one of the reasons I keep this up to date!

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