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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Website redesign

As there is no news on the baby front for a bit you will have to put up with the droning of my every day life for a bit, it's not terribly exciting at the moment as I'm not doing much photography, instead trading my camera for a computer and going back to my marketing skills.

I've worked for many different tech companies from Microsoft to Amazon and a few smaller ones in between and have had my fair share of new roles and challenging jobs. This has given me a great career so far and I have found that I still enjoy the challenge of making numbers go up on the internet, as that's all it boils down to really.

Here are a few things that I think about all the time: (sad isn't it!)

  • Page impressions (how many pages did the visitors look at)
  • Driving higher traffic (making more people come to your website)
  • Conversion rates (making that new visitor register or buy something)
  • Search engine optimisation (making your website readable to Google and others)
  • Email Marketing (the art of sending email without it looking like spam!)
  • Making money (well I'm being honest and I need to pay for this IVF somehow!)
So that is a lot of my day, I'm either doing this for a client, or for one of our own websites such as .

I'm also in the middle of designing a new site for the 'Company' we run. I'll post more when it's ready to see and not before!

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Dave said...

Elly has been working with me off and on since 1998 and I would highhly recommend her.
Dave Mutton
Marketing Director,