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Monday, 3 March 2008

It's been ages

I guess work must have gotten too busy this week as I have only just noticed it was over a week since I wrote anything!

Last weekend we had a visit from Chris's parents, we went to Southampton for the day on Saturday which was really nice.

During the week not much happened, I spent 3 days working on a technical spec for a new client website and also spoke to the clinic in America.

I now have a list of drugs that they will require me to take, so I'm taking steps now to find out if they are cheaper to buy in the US or over here.

Oh and it turns out that my prolactin levels aren't really high at all! It seems the nurse at the clinic misread the results as we measure the levels with a different system here, so thankfully no brain scan for me!

I'm off to the docs this morning to get my first set of drugs though - I have to take the contraceptive pill for about 3 weeks, so I'm off to get that today.

I'm also a little closer towards getting some firm dates - looks like it will be early April to head out, a few things to work out like getting the cats sorted out, finding flights, getting time away from work etc, but it should all fall into place in good time.

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