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Sunday, 6 April 2008

3rd progress scan

I had another progress scan today an so far so good - I know have 7 follicles on each side! They don't start measuring the follicles until they reach about 10 mm so I dont have measurements for all of them but some are over 10 so here is what I have:

right side: 7 follicles 1 of them is at 8mm the rest are smaller
left side 7 follicles 1 at 11mm, 12mm, 12mm,12mm and the rest are smaller.

My Estrogen level today is 229.

My lining is 9.7mm

So far I think I'm doing really well as I'm responding better than I have before - I'm going to ask the clinic tomorrow what they think.

I am going back tomorrow for another blood test and another scan - seems a lot as usually I don't get to do the first scan until 7 days of stimming (today is day 6 of stimming) so I feel good that the clinic is taking good care over this cycle and they are monitoring me closer than I have had before.

Here are a few pics so you can see the drugs I'm taking daily (1st shot) and the cool new method for mixing them up without needles! (2nd shot)

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