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Monday, 14 April 2008

Egg Collection Day

Today has been a long day as we were up at 6am so that I could eat before 7am, I was allowed to drink until 10am and we left for the clinic at 10.30. I'm sure I could feel those follicles swelling as I waited as it was somewhat uncomfortable but it all went really well.

I went into the cubicle that was my room about 12.30 and was given a few forms to sign, the anaesthetist came and put an IV in with a drip for fluids and also where they would administer the anaesthetic, he used a cool liquid to numb the area before he put the needle in which was nice and it didn't really hurt.

I walked to the operating theatre which was just across the hall and the anaesthetist gave me a pre op shot of something to relax me that felt great! a little woozy but kind of like being on the edge of drunk while I laid down, I didn't need it as I'm not nervous about the egg collection but I can't say that I'd turn it down if its on offer!

I then got the general anaesthetic and was out like a light for 20 minutes. When I came round I was back in the room and they were checking my blood pressure and heart rate and all was well - the nurse even commented on how quickly I came round!

The Doctor came round and told us that we have 12 eggs :) This is the best we have ever done so I'm very pleased with that, we will get a phone call tomorrow with news on the fertilisation, keep everything crossed for us.

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