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Monday, 14 April 2008

We have had the call!

I have just got off the phone with my consultant and he called to say that ALL 12 of our eggs have fertilised!!! 100% is brilliant as they usually tell you to expect an average of 60% so we were hoping for 8 - to get all 12 is just amazing.

I will get another call tomorrow that will be an update on the number of cells - so lets keep everything crossed that these embryos are all good quality as we are planning on taking them to the blastocyst stage - which is a 5 day transfer instead of the usual 3 day which I'm used to. This is a good thing as it will allow the clinic to see which ones are developing to be the strongest - and also at the blast stage they are more ready to implant so it increases the chances of things working.

We are thrilled.

Now I have to deal with my progesterone injections up until pregnancy test day - these are intramuscular with the BIG needle, one a day (argh!) but it's OK, everything is going so well I'm just going to do as I'm told!!!


Rich said...

Hey Ell,
Sounds like all is going really well over there. Lou and I continue to keep everything crossed for you both.

See you both when you get back to blighty and best wishes


Anonymous said...

Got everything crossed and thinking about you

Theresa and Dave x

Anonymous said...

Hi Elly
12 eggs & 100% fertilisation!! You go girl! :-)
Congratulations & loads of luck for blasts! Yr doing amazingly! Thinking of you, luv Angie & Jason x x x