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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Our embryos are doing really well

I have just spoken with the clinic and I'm pleased to say that all 12 embryos are still growing (sometimes you can expect to lose a couple at this stage).

We have

2 that are at the 3 cell stage
8 that are at the 4 cell stage
2 that are at the 5 cell stage

We have been told that we will have a 5 day transfer so that will be Friday - we will know more about times etc tomorrow.

I'm so excited about this and have a very good feeling that this will work. Everything so far has gone better than we have had on the four previous fresh cycles that we did in the UK. I have had a better response to the stimming drugs, more eggs - all fertilised and now they are all growing just as they should be.

I would have expected them to be at the 4 cell stage today, so we only have 2 that are a little slow, but we don't mind about that! We haven't lost any which is good news too.

Not long now till they are put back where they belong:)

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