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Monday, 16 June 2008

Am I excited???

To be honest, I don't think about IVF, needles, drugs, hormones and babies much when I'm not doing treatment these days, people ask me about it all the time and some still ask questions like "so are you excited?" My stock answer is usually a simple one to avoid any ill feeling, so I reply "yes I can't wait" It's hard to let them know how you really feel which is;

"No, I'm not excited about the prospect of sticking myself with 2 injections daily for 2 weeks, having a nurse draw blood every other day during this time and another nurse stick a 'dildocam' up my whatsit to see what's going on up there every other day.

After this first 2 weeks of delight, I get to go to a hospital where another doctor is going to shove a HUGE needle up my whatsit (several times) to drain out the eggs from my massively swollen ovaries, leaving me sore and uncomfortable.

Once they are done I get a couple of days off before I have to start sticking a bloody big needle in my butt every day for a further 2 weeks. Then another 2 week wait to find out if it has all been worth it, which sometimes it isn't."

Now, let me ask those of you who might still wonder if I'm excited this question.

Would you be excited if you knew this was coming?

Ask me again when I'm pregnant.

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